Highline Unveils New Branding

Highline Outdoor Group, formerly Highline Search Group has announced their name change as part of a rebranding in response to exponential growth and customer project demand. Highline started out as a one man firm focused on the bicycle industry which grew into a four person stateside team coupled with a small team in Pakistan. Propelled by projects with Yeti Coolers, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Cannonade, Johnson Outdoors, Backcountry.com, Jenson USA, and others Highline has created industry wide growth and success for clients and talent alike.

Highline Outdoor Group is unique because they are hired by the strongest outdoor gear, action sports and bicycle companies across the US and EU. Their clients all have one thing in common; they refuse to hire mediocre talent and they use us (Highline) to identify, evaluate and hire the top 20 percent of the executive team, product developers, engineers and marketing professionals in the outdoor and sporting goods industry. These are the remarkable and highly talented individuals who can take a successful business to even greater heights.

The Highline team helps companies they are most passionate about find the best candidates to make the strongest, lightest, fastest stuff in the world. “Like the people we recruit, we are specialists,” said O’Neill. “We’re at the peak of a very specific area of expertise. Our strategies find the best candidates, wherever they are. Period. No one does what we do as well as we do it.” Arrogant? Not at all. Matching passion, vision, and know how O’Neill is a humble, down to earth guy who grew this business over the last five years expanding from a home office to office locations in Indiana, North Carolina, and over seas.

During their expansion, Highline Search Group pioneered itself as the first firm in the industry to specialize in building new product development teams. “We know how many design engineers work in each segment of the industry. We know almost every engineer in the cycling industry from those who specialize in frames, suspension, to components. We know nearly the entire population of every product manager, marketing exec and sales leader in the outdoor industry,” said Tony O’Neill, Founder & President. “Highline has become a well recognized name as an industry leader such that we no longer need ‘Search’ in the name for people to identify us; however, ‘Outdoor’ seemed a fitting replacement as our niche is exclusive in the outdoor industry with our work growing to include not just recruitment, but also deep individual motivational evaluations, organizational structure modeling, industry analytics, and succession planning.”

Founded in 2011, Highline Outdoor Group is hired by the strongest outdoor sporting goods, action sports & adventure gear companies. Their clients are revered for seeking out excellent talent and refusing to produce a mediocre product, as a result they choose Highline Outdoor Group for their selection process. Basically, we are headhunters with a specialization in high performance NPD and marketing professionals in the outdoor industry.

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